Chicken Tikka Masala

Indian Food! I am a huge sucker for it! My husband got me hooked on Tandoor Indian Grill, in Hollady and I could literally go there like every night! Haha, but my wallet could not handle that! So I’ve had to resort to some alternative options and I probably make this meal at least once every week!

Costco actually sells a Chicken Tikka which tastes super similar to this restaurant and is super easy to make. It’s called Sukhi’s Chicken Tikka Masala, it’s a pre-cooked mix so you just have to warm it up. So that could be a good option for you if you shop at Costco and want to try that as well. However, it’s still a little more money than my recipe below.

The staple to this recipe is obviously the chicken breast and Patak’s Original Tikka Masala curry sauce. The 15 oz. jar runs for about $3.50 at Macey’s Grocery Store which serves 2-3 people and chicken breast you can find for a good price at most grocery stores. This option is the best priced for good Indian food and still tastes freakin amazing!! I love it because it’s not too spicy, even my one year old eats it.

When I make this I most always use Minute White Rice. It’s the easiest and just tastes more like real Indian. I buy the big 4lb. box at Costco for like $7 and it’ll last me a while! You can substitute it for your favorite kind of rice though. I’ll compare Minute White Rice to a Long Grain Brown Rice that I also use when cooking just for reference.

They gave me no nutrients!

If you look at the nutrition panel straight across per serving you’ll notice the calories and macros are roughly the same. So if you count calories or macros, boom, same! Just note, the serving size for brown rice is 1/2 the amount of white. But, the brown rice has some fats and fiber to help keep you fuller longer. The biggest difference in my opinion is the nutrient content. You will get more fiber and micronutrients from brown rices rather than white rice. On this label you’ll notice you’re getting 2g of fiber, 12mg of calcium and 110mg of potassium. So you get more nutrients from brown rice rather than white rice. I love both though, it just depends on the recipe I am cooking and in this case… white rice just does the trick for chicken tikka!

When I cook this recipe I love just doing frozen veggies because it’s so simple and sometimes simplicity is mandatory! Below is the brand I use. Again, this is a Costco staple of mine. You still get a great nutrient count but cut the prep time! Definitely try substituting these for fresh produce when you have time. I’ll do side salads with greens and other random veggies or a Costco salad mix can be a great simple option as well.

Last, you can add a naan bread on the side as well if you want to feel right at Tandoor Grill. Tandoor Grill has THE best naan, it’s a delicious garlic naan! However, Costco (imagine that) sells the exact same naan but without the garlic. I’ve added the nutrition panel in case your curious on how it’d add to your calories/macros. One little trick that I do when I have this naan, I add some of Chef Shammy’s Garlic Butter to it (also at Costco) and all together it tastes AFREAKINMAZING!

  1. Warm a large skillet and spray with non-stick spray.
  2. Cube chicken breast and brown in skillet (I use 4oz. raw per person).
  3. While chicken is cooking, start your frozen veggies (1c. per person) by following cooking instructions on back of package.
  4. Then start your white rice (1/2 c. dry per person) by following cooking instructions on back of package.
  5. Once chicken is browned, add jar of sauce (1 15oz. jar per 2 people) and simmer until warm, approx. 10-15 minutes.
  6. Optional: Warm your naan bread by following cooking instructions on back of package.
  7. Divide all ingredients onto plates.
  8. Serve warm.

Macros: Calories- 538 Protein- 44g Carbs- 60g Fat- 15g. Sugar 12g. *does not include naan



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