All Access Gym Pass

Spice up your workouts with The Freeplay App gives you a one all-access membership to tons of gyms and fitness studios for only $79/month. Download the app and get your first visit free!

They have locations from Payson to North Ogden, Utah. You’ll get access to rock climbing gyms, yoga studios, Crossfit boxes, batting cages, trampoline parks, and tons more with a single monthly membership of just $79/month!


Easy to use.

Choose your activity.

Add it to your playlist.



Click HERE to download today!

BONUS! Use code: Brittney22 for $40 OFF your first month membership!

“I am obsessed with this App! My husband and I use it almost everyday! It allows us to mix up our workouts or have fun “free” date nights. Most of us pay for a gym membership anyway, so why not have a membership that includes multiple activities!”

You’re welcome!



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