Changing the Body in 6-Weeks

Have you ever thought about what your body can achieve in just 6 short weeks? Well, when fueling your body strategically you can see results in a short amount of time. For this client, he was focusing on fat loss with noticing more muscle definition.

Hunter (my brother) wanted to do just that. So, we put him on a carb cycling approach for 6 weeks and he started to lean out super quick. You’ll notice everything tightening up, his waist getting smaller, and his abs starting to come in. Looking at the back view you can really see his muscles more defined with the V-taper.

When following a very short duration of a plan, it’s imperative to be consistent and follow through with every detail. Hunter did just that, I was so impressed with his dedication!

“The 6-week nutrition plan was great! I will admit it was hard for me to stay completely to it every single day. I had to exercise my self control and that is one thing I learned a lot and was able to practice. Though I don’t have a complete 6-pack, I’m so happy with the way I look. I personally feel a lot more confident in the way my body looks and feels. (Ask Maddy, I have my shirt off a lot) I wasn’t perfect but I saw improvement and that’s what I loved.” -Hunter Evans


  • Shredded
    • 4 total pounds
    • .5″ from chest
    • 2.5″ from abdominals
    • 1.5″ from inner thighs
    • 1.5″ from quad
  • Gained
    • .5″ on calves
    • .5″ on biceps

We only used measurements on Hunter’s 6-week transformation. For a more accurate body composition I recommend Dexa Body Scan if you’re able to.

♥Fit Brit




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