I received an email from this client a couple months ago seeking help for his fat loss goal with an interest in trying a new approach to nutrition. After a few back-and-forth emails I could tell he was motivated, hungry, dedicated, and passionate to start seeing RESULTS as soon as possible. HE WAS READY FOR A CHALLENGE.

I was able to work with this client for eight weeks, solely on nutrition coaching. In just the short amount of time he gained knowledge that he’ll be able to use for a lifetime to continue his health journey and share with his family. He says, “this has been a great life change and I’m grateful for the path you have got me on as far as health.” I am so proud of him with overcoming his struggles, challenges, and obstacles that he faced during these eight weeks and still seeing the results that he did!

Here are some of his thoughts on his coaching program:

“This whole eight weeks has been a struggle, going week to week and seeing little improvement is hard, but comparing one week to a few weeks ago makes me feel better.  Just when I thought I was getting use to things the second have the program came with life struggles, and work complications that hindered my ability to always eat when I was suppose to.  I work days into graves a couple days a week and figuring when I was going to start eating the next day’s meals was always tough. I didn’t want to over eat one day and then not eat enough the next..  I have loved the water aspect, I feel it has cleaned me up. Caffeine wasn’t as hard to stop drinking as I thought it was going to be.. I typically would drink pop with a meal but if I told my self I was having water instead then the pop never was an issue. My digestive system has been confused at times though, not sure why some of the foods I thought I had eaten before would back my system up. I don’t know if it was because I was mixing them with other items or what, but as much as I disliked the taste of the quest bar it had enough fiber to help me out.  I would recommend this diet to anyone who wanted to safely clean up there eating habits and slim down..  do I think I could have done better? YES!!!  Though I feel I did pretty well given my schedule and circumstances which came up daily.. I appreciated your knowledge and acceptance to my struggles…”

His overall eight week RESULTS:

  • Lost 14 pounds
  • Lost 1.25 in. around neck
  • Lost 3 in. around neck
  • Lost 3 in. around waist



He is an example of dedication and hard work. His transformation was steady and healthy for the short amount of time I had to work with him. Fat loss is never easy and sure doesn’t come over night, it’s a slow and steady process. But, if you can stick with it long enough your body will change. It just requires trusting in the process! And that’s just what this client did.

Are you ready to see change and reach your health and fitness goals? Well, check out the SERVICES I offer that will help you reach your goals and change your life! Or reach out by leaving a comment with a question below!

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