Top 4 Post Workout Supplements That Every Beginner Should Consider

Yay! You finally started lifting some weights and putting your muscles under some tension! Whether you’re following a detailed workout program (which I recommend for all beginners) or just following your top five Pinterest workouts, your body will need help recovering. Your muscles aren’t used to that type of stress and you most likely WILL be sore! Read to the end to find out how to start supplementing after your workouts.

Supplements can be your golden key to recovering quicker, not to mention… you’ll notice improved training results such as increased lean muscle and decreased fat from the gym as well! I, personally, have been using the supplements listed below on a regular basis for the last 3.5 years! My top four supplements help repair muscles post workout and aid in increased energy through out the day.

Now, before we jump into my go-to post workout supplements let me get one thing clear… A healthy diet is a MUST when seeking to incorporate supplements. Hence “supplement”, meaning enhancing something. Supplementation should enhance your daily diet. Taking supplements and feeding your body junk food will not do much for you. That’d be like flushing dolla bills down the toilet! Seriously!

Supplementation will be most optimal when your diet is on a healthy and consistent track. Understand that you’ll see very little change and your efforts at the gym will be hindered until you get your nutrition right. If you want post workout recovery to be most optimal, fix your diet first, THEN incorporate supplements.

My Top 4 Post Workout Supplements


  1. Forms of Protein Powder?
    1. Don’t let the millions of protein powders on the market over whelm you. There are multiple forms of protein powders so here’s a quick break down of a few and my recommendations:
        • DYMATIZE ISO-100 is my number 1 recommendation for protein powder post workout for quicker recovery and increased training benefits.
          • Make sure the label reads “hydrolyzed whey protein isolate”
          • It’s the purest form of protein you can get
          • Fastest digesting form of protein in the system
          • Higher levels of Leucine, an amino acid that promotes protein synthesis
          • Builds muscle and enhances body composition
          • Speeds up the recovery for broken down and stressed muscles (i.e. weight training)
          • Multiple flavors and tastes amazing in water
      2. Casein
        • Most abundant protein in milk
        • Slower rate of digestion
        • Best used before bed or possibly a meal replacement
      3. PLANT BASE
        • My alternative protein powder for a meal replacement is Orgain Organic Plant Base Protein Powder found at Costco. It contains proteins from pea, brown rice, hemp and chia seed provided excellent source of protein and fiber. This protein comes in chocolate or vanilla and tastes amazing!
          1. Soy Protein
            • High in Vitamin D, recommended for pregnant women
            • Has been found to reduce cholesterol and LDL, and increase HDL
            • May improve cardiovascular health
            • May prevent certain types of cancer
            • Do your own research for this form of protein, because there are potential heath concerns
            • Great for vegetarians and vegans
          2. Rice Protein
            • Can improve liver and heart function
            • May help regulate cholesterol
            • Weight loss and muscle building benefits
            • Great for vegetarians and vegans
          3. Hemp Protein
            • Contains all essential amino acids vital for good health
            • Rich in omega fatty-acids and fiber
            • Great for vegetarians and vegans
          4. Pea Protein
            • Aids in weight loss
            • Supports a healthy heart
            • May decrease risk of kidney disease
            • Increase muscle thickness
            • Regulates blood sugar
    2. Suggested Intake
      • 20-30 g. protein powder within 30 minutes post workout is typically what I recommend.


  1. What are BCAAs?
    1. BCAAs stand for Branch Chain Amino Acids, specifically valine, leucine, and isoleucine.
    2. They are essential to our diet, meaning our bodies do not produce them naturally.
  2. How do they work?
    1. They are the building blocks of protein.
    2. Reduces serotonin levels.
    3. Metabolized primarily in the skeletal muscle.
    4. Add powder to water and drink before, during or after exercise.
  3. Benefits?
    1. Prevent fatigue and improve concentration.
    2. Improves exercise performance.
    3. Reduces muscle breakdown.
    4. Decreases muscle soreness.
  4. Suggested Intake
    1. 5-7 g. BCAAs within 30 minutes post workout is typically what I recommend.


  1. What is Glutamine?
    1. It’s an essential amino acid of protein.
    2. It’s the most abundant amino acid in the bloodstream.
  2. How does it work?
    1. “So, after an intense workout the levels of cellular glutamine can drop by 50 percent and plasma levels by 30 percent! This muscle-wasting state is a gateway for the body to use your muscle for energy rather than carbohydrates. But glutamine can prevent this from happening.” – Dr. Axe
  3. Benefits?
    1. It’s an essential neurotransmitter to the brain; helps with memory, focus, and concentration.
    2. Promotes muscle growth.
    3. Prevents muscle breakdown.
    4. Improves metabolism.
    5. Boosts strength and helps repair skeletal muscle.
    6. Reduces recovery time.
  4. Suggested Intake
    1. 5 g. L-Glutamine within 30 minutes post workout and 5 g. at an alternative time of day is typically what I recommend. I like to add 5g. directly in my post workout shake.


  1. What is Fish Oil?
    1. Fish oil comes from fatty fish and is a good source of Omega-3s. Read more on healthy fats in one of my previous blog posts, The Complete Fat Guide For Beginners.
  2. Benefits?
    1. Good for joint health.
    2. Decreases inflammation.
    3. Reduces muscle soreness.
  3. Suggested Intake
    1. 1-2 g. per day in capsule form for Fish Oil. I recommend 1 g. in the morning and 1g. within 30 minutes post workout.

*It’s always advised to refer to your physician before consuming new supplements. Be smart, do your research! These are my recommendations only and what I’ve seen work for me.

Post workout supplementation has helped me recover from my workouts quicker, as well as increase lean muscle and keep off unwanted fat. Protein powder, BCAAs, Glutamine and Fish Oil are four MUSTS for me! If you’re just starting to use supplements be sure to incorporate these four supplements in your post workout regime! As always, please follow up with your questions! I love hearing from you!

♥Fit Brit

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  1. Pretty good list. I use all of them except the fish oil. I use antioxidants instead.


    1. Thanks! Oh, right on! Those are great as well!

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