Hi, I’m Brittney Crump aka Fit Brit. I love learning and studying about health and fitness. I am married to my best friend. I have an incredible addiction for Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Chipotle. I am boss at baking Chocolate Chip Cookies. Baking all sorts of yummy treats is a must! I grew up competing in competitive soccer at various levels, soccer soon became my true passion in life. Saying I’m competitive would be an understatement. I work at Stone Cold Cryotherapy and coach soccer for Olympia F.C. I hate long distance running, however, running a marathon is towards the top of my bucket list.

I grew up in an athletic family, and second oldest of three brothers. There was always ball games to attend, or some type of game on our television. There was no such thing as Barbie’s and dolls at our house, instead it was bikes and balls. I joined a recreation soccer league at a young age, which soon turned into competition leagues, and then the Olympic Development Program, translating to high school ball, and quickly lead to the college level. The game soon led me to BYU-Hawaii to compete on the Division II collegiate level, and where I recently received my bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sport Science with an emphasis on Fitness and Wellness.

My passion for soccer translated into a love for sport-specific training and learning how to maximize my abilities on the field. However, my enthusiasm for lifting and transforming the body aesthetically grew tremendously soon after I graduated, while prepping for my first bodybuilding competitions. I came to love the science behind how we can shape the body. The body amazes me at what it is capable of, and I am ecstatic to help you discover and develop your highest capabilities!



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